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Polymer Engineering Fasteners are being increasingly used in wood labelling and packaging processes, manufacturing wooden furniture, and fruit export under high sanitary standards.

Benefits of ours VYTEC

Plastic Fasteners

VYTEC Fasteners products have many benefits, some of which are listed here:

Do not corrode or rust

The fasteners will not damage or stain the wood due to rust or corrosion, thus maintaining the natural appearance of the wood over time.

Do not need to be removed

Fasteners can be cut, sanded, and planed without damaging cutting tools.

Bond strength

The bond strength of ours fasteners is significantly superior to metal fasteners, ensuring greater strength and durability over time.


Due to our fasteners´0 conductivity, they are an excellent choice for use in electrical installations.

Resistant to high drying temperatures

The fasteners withstand temperatures up to approximately 170°C, without arching or expanding. They are safe when using radio frequencies and microwaves.

Resistance to various climates

The fasteners are unaffected by UV rays, chlorine, acids, nor chemical solvents, such as gasoline and oils.


Ideal for the food industry due to their innocuous nature, facilitating the phytosanitary procedures required by the countries of destination.

Do not degrade over time

Our fasteners will significantly increase the shelf life of your products.

¿Are you driven to meet modern demands with traditional materials?

Our innovation provides the sustainable support you need.

Offer quality products together with a permanent service.

Factory in Santiago, Chile

VYTEC Fasteners is a German company dedicated to the commercialization of plastic fasteners such as staples, brads and nails, oriented to the wood industry in all areas of processes and finished products, thus replacing the metal fasteners used by the industry up until then.

This technological change made it possible to solve problems in product quality as well as phytosanitary problems at both the origin and destination points, as well as efficiency problems that take place in the production process. Today, plastic fasteners are used in construction, fiberglass applications, tire retreading, wood packaging and in the manufacture of crates for perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables.

Our Vision

To offer quality products together with permanent on-site service that helps our customers to continuosly improve efficiency in their production processes.

Our Mission:



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Schwarzackerstr. 14, 04299 Leipzig, Deutschland.

Vytec Fasteners Plastic Nails and Staples

No Rust

No stains due to rust or corrosion. Vytec Fasteners do not affect the natural appearance of wood. 

Best Protection for Cutting Tools

Vytec Fasteners can be cut and sanded without damaging your tools.

Strong Hold

The bond strength of Vytec Fasteners is superior to most metal fasteners, ensuring greater strength and durability over time.

No Factory Fires

With Vytec Fasteners, factory fires caused by metallic nails and staples that result in the loss of human lives and capital are completely eliminated.

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