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> Fruit Packing

(Corner boxes, Bins, Scarves)

Our products are ideal for fruit exporting companies that need to be in compliance with BRC regulations, which prohibit the use of metal fasteners in palletized fresh fruit. A main benefit is that VYTEC® fasteners are safe, so they are in compliance with the phytosanitary measures required by the fruit industry. (We have a food safety certificate issued by UCH).

Polyclavos® (nails) are used to secure the corner posts to the export pallet for greater load stability. 

Our Vytec® staples are used to fasten the scarves on the pallets in order to achieve a correct air circulation inside the container. 

Finally, our fasteners are used to fasten the Empol in the wooden bin in the export process of fresh fruit and vegetables in order to mitigate damage during transport.


  • BRC Compliant for exports to the UK.
  • Safety Certificate.
  • Does not corrode or rust.

  • Is not an electrical conductor.

  • Non-metallic.

  • Avoid wasting time with metal detectors.

Products Used

C-40 Nails

C-55 Nails

T-9 Brads

U-9 Staples