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Currently in the woodworking industry, several CNC machines (automatic machines) are used to optimize cutting routes, polishing processes, etc. In many occasions, the wood that is worked can have different shapes, which makes fastening work with good stability difficult to achieve. Furthermore, these fastenings must be done with products that do not damage the wood nor the tools that are used over time. Thus, the use of nails or metallic fastenings is discarded.

It is in this type of application that our products help to avoid unnecessary costs that result from damage to tools. In addition, they can be used to achieve correct stability when the boards needed to be used are difficult to “fasten”, since they do not need to be removed and can be overlooked by the machinery without creating damage in the process.


  • Are non-metallic.

  • Do not need to be removed.

  • Can be cut and/or sanded.

  • Do not damage CNC machines.

  • Fasten several slats together.

  • Create fastenings in places where they previously could not be fastened due to the shape of the board/panel.

  • Resistant to high temperatures (Approximately 170°C).

Products to be used

C-40 Nails

C-55 Nails

T-9 Brads