VYTEC Fasteners

Plastic Brads, Staples & Nails

> Construction in Wet Areas

(Decks, fences & More)

Our products can be used for construction in areas of permanent erosion from the environment because they have anti-corrosive properties that prevent damage caused by oxidation in metals. This is why VYTEC plastic brads, staples and nails are the best option for the manufacture of wooden fences, beach decks, barbecues, saunas, etc.


  • Stronger hold than metal fasteners.
  • No corrosion caused by rust.
  • Non-structural use.
  • Can be painted over (Does not affect appearance).

Products to be used

C-40 Nails

C-55 Nails

G-14 Staples

G-10 Staples

U-9 Staples

T-9 Brads

C-20 Brads

C-16 Brads