VYTEC Fasteners

Plastic Brads, Staples & Nails

> Manufacture of Fine Furniture

(Doors, Windows, Chairs, Tables, Coffins & More)

Our products can be used for the manufacture of fine furniture since they do not need to be removed. They can be sanded and cut with different tools without being them or the initial fastening being damaged. In addition, they can be painted to achieve a better final finish, thus eliminating visible traces of the nails.


  • They can be sanded and cut.
  • Are non-metallic.
  • Do not damage cutting elements.
  • Do not need to be removed.
  • Can be painted over.
  • Better finish than metal fasteners.

Products to be used

C-40 Nails

C-55 Nails

C-20 Brads

C-16 Brads