Vytec Fasteners Plastic Staples and Nails for Construction

Rustproof alternative to steel nails and staples for the timber industry. When using metal fasteners is difficult, Vytec Fasteners‘ plastic staples and nails are a great alternative. In order to reduce labour, material, and maintenance costs as well as save time, composite fasteners from Vytec Fasteners are utilized in manufacturing. When the shaft of the staple or nail permanently fuses with the substance in issue, natural bonding that binds as glue occurs. The two things are bound together by a powerful interfacial bond. Vytec Fasteners‘ fasteners have a tensile holding strength that is twice as high as steel fasteners of the same size. The usage of Vytec Fasteners produces a finished product that is more durable and of excellent quality. Fasteners from Vytec Fasteners may be cut, moulded, and sanded without damaging bits, blades, or abrasives. They can be formed like wood. You can save time and work by not having to remove the fasteners from Vytec Fasteners. They won’t result in any corrosion, discolouration, delamination, or other issues. Downtime is eliminated using Vytec Fasteners. Applying Vytec Fasteners‘ fasteners minimizes manufacturing costs by decreasing bit, blade, and abrasive damage as well as the downtime required to replace damaged bits, blades, or abrasives from metal nail damage. Metal nails’ heat conductivity leads to the condensation of moisture on their surface, which encourages corrosion and wood deterioration. Due to their identical heat conductivity to wood, Vytec Fasteners‘ fasteners do not lead to condensation, corrosion, or wood damage. Fasteners from Vytec Fasteners accept stains and can be sanded together with the wood, eliminating the need for putty and saving one step in the manufacturing process.No galvanic corrosion or electrolysis: Because they are entirely made of non-metal, Vytec Fasteners‘ fasteners cannot rust, oxidize, corrode, or produce galvanic corrosion in other metals. Metal fasteners corrode or rust, which can cause fastener failure, composite delamination, or other aesthetic problems like wood decay. Metal fasteners are used during construction in some composite applications, however, they are later removed to avoid the potential of corrosion and failure. Customers who value quality would spend more just for aesthetics. Instead of paying employees to remove the metal fasteners, this circumstance might be better served by using fasteners from Vytec Fasteners. There is no need to remove the Vytec Fasteners fasteners from the structure.

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