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Wood Labeling

In the wood industry, there are several processes where fasteners are needed for labelling cargo and identifying wood types. Traditionally, metal fasteners have been used in theses processes, which ends up damaging the wood properties due to oxidation and corrosion, with natural or unnatural causes. On the contrary, Vytec Fasteners products avoid this and other undesired consequences. Furthermore, they do not need to be removed, thus eliminating the time-consuming process of manually taking metal fasteners off the wood for further processing. Best care for expensive cutting, sanding tools as well as transport conditions during the whole production process.

Doubling Pressing in Lumber Mills

Currently, large international lumber and forestry companies rely on Vytec Fasteners to increase their production of plywood panels, specifically during hot-pressing process. Our product have the benefit of fastening two boards together, instead of only one, when placed in the pressing machine. This increases the production time.

Packing Process in Lumber Mills

Our products are used to correctly fasten the finished product, leaving it ready for export or import transport:  No risk of damaging the wood by any metallic fastener left in place during the packaging process. Our products are used in the corner pieces to achieve a better adhesion to the pallet and a stronger fastening to the plastic film covering the finished product ready for sale.


Products used

G-14 Staples

G-10 Staples

U-9 Staples

C-16 Brads

C-20 Brads

T-9 Brads